Monday, March 17, 2008

The wait is over.

My water broke around 2 am Friday night (technically Saturday morning). We were at the hospital by 3am. The great staff at Winnie Palmer helped me deliver the most gorgeous baby in the whole world :). After 3 hours of pushing, she was finally born at 5:56pm on Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 8 lbs 10 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long.

Joe and I are back at home now with Baby Violet. Things here are just amazing. It will be a couple of days before I post anything new up again. We all need the rest! I will have more stories to share with you soon. We are very fortunate.

She's perfect.


Anonymous said...

Congrats you two!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

Serena said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you're in love already. We're so happy for all of you!

She's going to be so pissed when she's a teenager that you put a picture of her naked on the internet!

mcmanda said...

I love how she is smiling already!

Maren said...

Congrats!!! She's awesome. Don't know why I scrolled down to see pics of weeks 39-40 though :) Love you!

Owl Chick said...

That's so wonderful! Congratulations to both of you!

The baby blanket is done, I just need to box it up and mail it now.

Hugs! Tracy

Robert said...


Thanks for sharing your pics with us. Now your life with be changing and changing and changing...


Love you,