Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeding the Birds

So the back story of our house is that an old man and his wife used to live here. The man, Mr. Gard, LOVED birds.... cardinals to be precise. So when we purchased our home, our backyard already had bird feeders and bird homes.

Apparently Mr. Gard was such a good bird caretaker that he had "regulars" that would come and nest with him every year.

Last year (our first year of owning this house), we bought a big bag of bird seed. Unfortunately, we forgot about it and left it in the garage. So this year, on a nice autumn day, we were reminded of the bird seed. Joe and Violet headed out to the backyard to feed the birds!!

Developmentally, Violet is learning all about transfer. Put seeds in cup, transfer seeds to feeder. Seeds stay in feeder. Viola! It was a fun game that she played for a long, long time in the backyard. Thus, Violet has a new responsibility, feed the birds. I imagine that Mr. Gard would be so proud.

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