Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Princess Parade at Downtown Disney

One of my cousins, P'Kae, from Thailand came to visit us. On her first day here, we took her to Downtown Disney to walk around and see the sights. What we didn't realize was that we would stumble upon the recruitment for the Princess Parade!!

Violet was VERY intrigued but wasn't quite sold on the "parade" part. Here she is trying to sum up the situation. We decided against committing Violet to the parade but let her make the decision by herself. One should be able to choose if one wants to become a princess.

She eventually shared a tambourine with the princess in the orange tank.

As the parade started to move, Violet noticed a group of people clapping and cheering. She stopped right in front of them and applauded back. By the time the accolade was over, the princess parade had moved on.... And so did we.

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