Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pregnancy Update

For those of you wondering about my pregnancy, here's a quick update. This week, I'll be 30 weeks pregnant!! Time really flies by fast when you have a little toddler to chase. I've gained about 25 lbs so far and things are going really well. The baby is developing well and all of my blood tests have come back with the best results.

I haven't really had time to take belly pictures (which I know I should because I regret not taking that many pregnancy photos with Violet) but hopefully I will start soon. My plan is to get up to speed with my posts, and then start posting belly pictures week by week till the new baby arrives.

It's a girl! :) Joe always said that he wanted 3 kids but now that we know #2 is a girl, he's really starting to wonder if 3 girls would be too much estrogen in the house (his face literally went white when he saw that Gap Kids Christmas commercial where all the little girls were cheering and dancing in their adorable red, pink, and white striped clothes). But needless to say, he's super excited about #2. I'm excited because I get more shopping buddies. I also can't wait to see if #2 will look anything like her older sister :).

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