Wednesday, January 13, 2010


For Tiana's 1st birthday, we celebrated with her at Gymboree. It was Violet's first visit and she loved it.

It was awesome because we were with all of Violet's playgroup friends. The little boy on the right is one of her good friends, Landon. Landon's a tough kid-- he lets Violet beat up on him and he doesn't cry. He a man's man, if you will.

Here Violet is with the birthday girl, Tiana. Note that Tiana doesn't have any problems with wearing things in her hair. Violet on the otherhand still won't let me put barrettes, hair bows, hair ties, etc near her... hence the haircut (my mom took one look at Violet after her 2nd haircut and said that Violet looked like steamed Chinese bun).

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