Friday, August 15, 2008

Kelsey and Amanda's Stunning Wedding

Seriously, I had to hold back the tears. Amanda was a beautiful bride.

Saying their vows.

All the groomsmen-- can you find Joe?

All the pretty, pretty bridesmaids.

Joe and I kickin it at the reception.

Kelsey spent 9 months brewing beers for the special occasion. The glasses had charms with our names written on them and allowed us (well, those of us drinking) endless home-brewed beer supplied by the groom (he's a champion beer brewer by the way-- he's won many beer brewing competitions). The wedding party had "reserved" seats with our names written out in scrabble pieces on very artistically done name tags. Everyone's name tag was unique.

Ahh, the first dance.

I loved our name tags so much that I took several pictures of them. Here they are at night!

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