Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank Goodness We're Moving

I was trying to sleep in Saturday morning when I heard a noise. It was a megaphone. "Come out with your hands on top of your head." I thought that it was just some rowdy neighbors goofing around but then... We heard it again. Joe flipped open the blinds and this is what we saw (the picture was taken from our bedroom window)!! A police stand-off in OUR GATED community!!

Apparently a coke dealer was living next to us and had a party. Some people got cut with a knife and landed themselves in the hospital. The coke dealer had holed himself in his townhouse, armed with a butcher knife. The standoff took about two hours but the cops gassed him out when it started to drizzle rain.

What is that biblical saying? Oh yes-- Love thy neighbors.

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Jen said...

If it had been me in your shoes I would have probbly walked out of my house with my hands on my head... This is too much! Are you sure you don't want to buy a great townhouse in the Atlanta area? Plenty of room for the entire family... including the pups!