Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Safe!!

Tropical Storm Fay may have rescheduled my Disney orientation today but will not damper my attempts at having a normal day with the family. Gotta shower the puppies (Benson has a minor eye laceration and is sporting his Elizabethan Collar), clean the turtle bin, and have fun with Baby V.


Serena said...

Hey Vim,

Now that you have a job and less time to clean the turtle bin, you should get a super filter. We got a fluval filter for like a 100 gallon tank (ours is only 40 gallons and only filled with 30-35 gal of water), took out all of the rocks and stuff in the bottom and now we only have to clean the filter instead of the tank. I highly recommend it! I think it was like $100 but it doesn't smell (ok the filter does when you clean it). Just a recommendation for making your life easier :) does the new house have a pond?

Serena said...

oh and glad you guys are safe too!