Friday, August 15, 2008

Violet's First Beach Date

Uncle Den drove all of us (even Benson and Skooter!) to Clearwater Beach two Sundays ago while Auntie Sylvia was in town. Violet's first date was HEAVILY chaperoned. Please note that Violet was kind enough to lend her gentleman friend, Giovanni, one of her spare hats so he wouldn't burn.

The happy couple (and their moms) in the blazing hot sun.

Violet's first dip in the ocean. She wasn't expecting the waves... She cried a little.

We were literally at the beach for less than 20 minutes... Too hot...

Giovanni's first dip in the Gulf of Mexico. He liked it more than V-- but then again, he's been in the water before!! His first dip in any body of water was in the Mediterranean!! Lucky boy.

Surfin' Violet.S.A.

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