Thursday, August 14, 2008


As I was taking the FTCE (an exam that I need to pass to get my FL credential), one question (actually there were many but this one in particular) stumped me. It was a question about ultraviolet rays. I was almost done with the exam and my brain was already fried. I tried to think about what I knew about ultraviolet rays and all I could picture was my daughter, with one fist up in the air in a purple superhero outfit (with cape of course!). Thus was born, UltraViolet-- Violet's altar ego.

I came home and shared this vision with Den. A week later, he took Violet, pulled out some paper towels and made Violet her first superhero cape.

Her first mission (sadly no pictures were taken) was at a Chinese Buffet with Yay, Uncle Den, Auntie Sylvia, Uncle Golf, Auntie Jen, Bryce and myself. My brother had her flying up and down the buffet aisle screaming, "UltraViolet-- Defender of the Buffet!"

Now remember, all superheroes have had some costume revisions. I am sure that this is not the first or last UltraViolet superhero outfit.


Tara said...

It's official...the Dark Knight is no longer even on my radar as a cool superhero. Long live UltraViolet!!

Josh, Mandy, Luke, & Noah said...

Pair the sunglasses from the earlier post with a pair of violet tights and onesie and you are on your way to the next Ultra Violet superhero costume. For the cape, I am picturing something shimmery, perhaps with reflective qualities....